To redeem broken relationships, to glorify himself and to work all things out according to His good pleasure and plan 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, John 17, Ephesians 1:11 remind us of this mission.  


We believe the purpose of the church is to glorify God through the fulfilling of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.


Our mission is to lead people to a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Jesus.


                  1. Proclaiming the authority of God’s Word. (2 Timothy 4:2)
                  2. Lifting high the name of Jesus through worship. (John 4:24)
                  3. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with boldness. (Ephesians 6:19-20)
                  4. Believing firmly in the power of prayer. (Ephesians 6:18) 
                  5. Building relevant Small Groups. (Acts 2: 44-47)


Overview of our beliefs  (for a full copy of WCC Statement of Faith clink on the link)
We believe in both Old Testament and New Testament as divine, verbally inspired by God, without error and sufficient revelation for the salvation of mankind and final authority for all Christian faith and life (2 Tim 3:14-17)

God We believe in the only true God (John 17:3). He is perfect in all ways and without sin (Psalm 18:30). He exists eternally in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20) having precisely the same nature and attributes worthy of our trust and obedience. We believe God created all things and upholds all things by His power. Grace We believe that we are rescued from God’s wrath by His grace alone through the blood of Jesus and it’s a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that draws them to the Father. (John 6:44) Jesus Christ We believe Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary and is the exact representation of God the Father in the flesh (John 1:14, Philippians 2:7) We believed he lived a sin free life, suffered on the cross, shed His blood, rose on the third day and sat down next to the Father.  Jesus paid the price on our behalf that we might be redeemed and reconciled to Him. He will one day return to complete the redemption and reconcile a lost creation to Himself.  (John 14:1-4, 1 Timothy 2:5) Holy Spirit We believe the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and regenerates us upon believing in Jesus Christ and baptizes us into the family of believers.  The Holy Spirit comes to live within us. He equips, empowers, instructs, guides the believer for godly living and service (Romans 8:9-11). Man We believe that man was created innocent in the image of God under the law of his Maker (Genesis 1:26), but voluntarily chose to sin and is now helpless in need of a Savior.  (Romans 3:23; Romans 5:12, Ephesians 2:3,4). Salvation  We believe Jesus Christ died for our sins (1 Corinthians 15:3) and by faith (trust), not by anything good we have done but what He did for us on the cross by shedding His blood on our behalf, we can become a child of God.  When we become His child, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, gives us a supernatural gift(s) to empower us to live for Him and to glorify Him. (Eph 1:14) Heaven and Hell We believe in the bodily resurrection of both the saved and the lost.We believe the saved are raised to eternal, conscious bliss in heaven (Matthew 25:34; John 14:2; 2 Corinthians 5:1; Revelation 2:7) the lost are raised to eternal torment in hell in conscious separation from God. (Matthew 8:11; Matthew 10:28; Matthew 13:49-50; Mark 9:47-48; Luke 12:5; Revelation 21:8).

Resurrection We believe the body of Jesus was resurrected and rose up into heaven, and His present life for us as our High Priest and Advocate (Acts 1:3, 9; Hebrews 7:25, 26).

Return of Christ We believe Jesus Christ will return one day to rule and reign along with all of those who have put their faith (trust) in Him. (I Thessalonians 4:13-18).

Baptism and Communion We believe water Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances to be observed by the Church but are not means of salvation.

We believe baptism is a public declaration of one’s faith in Jesus Christ and that they have chosen to walk in newness of life.

We believe the Lord’s Supper is a celebration for those who have trusted in Jesus.  We remember how He was beaten, bled and will one day return to rule and reign forever with His children. (Acts 4:13; Romans 6:3-6; I Corinthians 11:20-29)
The Church We believe that upon accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, all believers become part of His body,  the church.  We believe there is one universal church yet, wherever God’s people meet regularly in obedience to this command there is the local expression of the church. The local church is under the watch-care of elders and other supportive leadership, and its members are to work together in love  and unity, intent on the one ultimate purpose of glorifying Christ (Ephesians 4:16). We gather to worship, pray, teach, serve, participate in baptism and communion, exercise our gifts and to go fulfill the great commission (go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). (Ephesians 5:23; Romans 12:1; Acts 2:42-46; I Corinthians 14:26; Matthew 28:18-20).

Mission We believe the purpose of the church is to glorify God through the fulfilling of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.

Christian Living Wellspring Community Church believes and adheres to Biblical principles and standards of Christian conduct, as follows:

We believe the gospel redeems us and empowers us to live holy lives that glorify God.  We believe God’s word is our final authority on all matters of faith and practice.  Believers are set apart for God’s purposes and are called to walk as Jesus walked (1 John 2:6) and to not bring a reproach against God. (Romans 21:1-2; I Peter 1:14-19; II Timothy 2:19; Titus 2).  We can live a fruitful life if we walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. We believe anything that we think, say or do that breaks God’s law which is spiritually or physically damaging to oneself, another person, the Christian family, the testimony of the Church, or our Lord Jesus Christ is sin.

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